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Full name: Katherine Marie Fitzgerald

Occupation: sculptress

Favorite movie: anything Monty Python

Favorite band: the Pixies

Sexual orientation: not YOU!

Favorite people: yeah, right.

Favorite food: curry, Jamaican

Goals in life: to stay out of jail and keep a stiff upper lip

Favorite color and why: purple calms me down.

Last dream you remember: I think I’ve stopped dreaming

Favorite item of clothing: one of my stinky granny dresses

Brand of cigarettes: Camel lights

Zodiac: Gemini…I’m two-faced I think

Vices: oh, god.

Personal statement: what the hell is a "personal statement"?


Marie sleeps in the same bed with her ex-boyfriend, James, but they will never do anything together again and that pisses her off. She’s recovering from a bad time in her life and a mild addiction to pain killers. She can be mean as hell, but she secretly loves her friends. Too bad nobody secretly loves their friends…

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