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Full Name: Joyce Anne


Age: 24

Occupation: Bad ass

Favorite Movie: Return of the Living Dead

Favorite Band: air

Sexual Orientation: Whatever

Favorite People: Viv, Zab, James

Favorite Food: The perfect taco

Goals in life: To lose five pounds, just five more, and to avoid becoming a serial killer

Favorite Color: The fire engine red I found for my hair.

Last dream that you remember: My cat was talking to me.

Favorite item of clothing: My ragged plaid skirt because it matches ever t-shirt I own (shown at left)

Brand of Cigarettes: Djarum Cloves

Zodiac: Aries (The Ram) April 15

Vices: Smoking, smoking, smoking ! Tequila and sometimes ephedrine.

Personal Statement: Stay out of my fucking way.