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Name: Elizabeth Kristin Kennedy

Occupation: bum

Favorite movie: Eraserhead

Favorite band: Public Enemy

Sexual orientation: as far as I know, straight

Favorite people: Joyce, Chuck, Marie

Favorite food: popcorn

Goals in life: to drink James under the table

Favorite color and why: red, because its sexy

Last dream you remember: I had a dream about one of my high school was weird

Favorite item of clothing: my sexy black undies because I know I am wearing them and no one does

Brand of cigarettes: Malboro reds

Zodiac: aquarius

Personal statement: URRRRP !

Zab has a boyfriend who hasn’t been to cool lately, Darren. She is very depressed about it. She let’s her budding alcoholism take over daily, and you rarely see her with out a quart of cheap beer in her grasp. She loves Joyce very much and their friendship means the world to her. The only thing wrong with her living space is the annoyance of living with that bitch, Vivian. Zab doesn’t have to deal with her much…yet.

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