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Full name: Francis Charles Grazier

Occupation: Player

Favorite movie: Street Trash

Favorite band: Megadeath, Iron Maiden

Sexual orientation: so hetero it’ll make you sick

Favorite people: Dave Mustaine, James, Tuesday, Darren

Favorite food: Hardees 99 cent menu

Goals in life: to become a racecar driver

Favorite color and why: purple…keep reading

Last dream you remember: killing children and making lampshades out of their skin

Favorite item of clothing: purple bikini briefs

Brand of cigarettes: why? You got one?

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Vices: Tuesday and a fat blunt

Personal statement: I need some fresh puss!


The main reason Francis remains a minor character, even though he’s been around from the start, is that I’m a little afraid of him. He possesses an immeasurable amount of sexual energy. He’s as shallow as a muddy puddle. All of his life he’s depended on intimidation and ordinary good looks to get what he wants. Now that he’s part of the manic panic kids(although he barely associates with them) he doesn’t receive the same attention that he’s used to. He only hangs with them because of Tuesday. Aaaah…Tuesday:  The most beautiful, the most perfect, most sexy, sweetest girl in town. She almost makes him forget he’s a player…almost.

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